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University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”

UMG “St. Ivan Rilski”
University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”

University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”

UMG “St. Ivan Rilski”

UMG “St. Ivan Rilski” is the only educational and scientific institution in the country, which for 65 years had provided training for highly qualified specialists for the needs of the mining and energy sectors and research and development.

The mission of UMG “St. Ivan Rilski “ is to factor in the creation and development of the intellectual potential of the Bulgarian state, which is intended to ensure the raw material and energy independence of the country, to prepare, specialists with engineering qualifications with a wide profile for work in complex production systems in the study, extraction of raw materials, transport, storage and use of oil and gas.

Since its inception, UMG has trained 24 500 engineers in the fields of oil and gas, geology, energy, mining, safety, environmental protection and more. The graduates of the university are citizens of nearly 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” teaches in all educational degrees (bachelor, master and doctor) in 17 accredited specialties. In terms of duration and scope, they correspond to the degrees given at universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

UMG is the founder of the “Cluster of Natural Gas” and successfully develops the “Bulgarian Gas Center” at the Association of “Natural Gas” for the preparation and certification of personnel in the gas sector.

The Master’s programs in “Extraction and transportation of oil and gas“, „Gas Supply” and “Management of Gas Infrastructure” prepare highly qualified and broad-based professionals with in-depth knowledge in the management, control, design, construction and optimization of the processes in the gas industry. These specialties meet the needs and perspectives of the energy and gas sectors in Bulgaria and the European Union.

The graduates find realization in foreign and Bulgarian energy companies, in the state and in municipal administration. They participate as experts and managers in the implementation of regional and international infrastructure projects, including the Bulgaria-Greece interconnector pipelines (IGB); Bulgaria- Romania; Bulgaria- Serbia; Bulgaria- Turkey; the Bonati project in Kazakhstan, Nabucco and others. UMG graduates work at “Bulgartransgaz” JSC, “Bulgargaz” JSC, gas distribution companies throughout the whole country, “North Stream” Dispatch Center, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision, Ministry of Energy and others.

The broad profile preparation and in-depth knowledge in the field of gas infrastructure enables Masters in this specialty to successfully realize themselves as technical and management personnel in various fields of the gas and energy sector.

At UMG they teach highly qualified lecturers with extensive practical experience using modern teaching methods and European standards and technologies in gas supply. For thematic modules and lectures are invited leading experts in their field from home and abroad who present the latest technologies and current trends in the management of gas projects and infrastructures.

Leading lecturers are participants as managers, consultants or experts in: BIS- TK60 “Gas Infrastructure”, International Gas Union (IGU), International Business Congress (IBC), EU-funded Science and Education projects, etc. They have participated in the design of the Syrian pipeline system, “South Stream”, Interconnector Bulgaria- Greece, Interconnector Bulgaria- Serbia, projects of the creation and operation of Underground gas storage and others.

UMG “St. Ivan Rilski: has modern equipped laboratories and auditoriums, including simulators:

  • Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Laboratory;
  • Flow Regulation and Measurement Laboratory;
  • Natural Gas Properties Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Training on Simulators;
  • Laboratory for Mathematical Modeling of Natural Gas Transportation and Storage.

    They are authors of monographs and textbooks that train both students and employees in the gas industry.

    Teachers and students who have received education and qualification at UMG make a significant contribution to ensure the trouble-free and efficient operation of the gas transportation systems in the Republic of Bulgaria.

    UMG has certified systems for:

  • Institutional accreditation, accreditation by departments and laboratories of the Bulgarian Accreditation Service (BAS);
  • ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management in Training in all Degrees and Forms of Higher Education, Research, Design and Laboratory Research”;
  • BH OHSAS 18001:2007 “Safe working conditions for Training in all levels and forms of higher education, research, design and laboratory research”;
  • ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management in Education in All Grades and Forms of Higher Education, Research, Design and Laboratory Research”;
  • Golden European Commission Certificate of Excellence and Citation Index